Going out


Actress survives scary role

Sonja Richter in <em>The Keeper of Lost Causes</em>

HAVING nerves of steel came in handy for Sonja Richter when she took the role of a woman held against her will in mystery thriller The Keeper of Lost Causes. more »

FILM REVIEW Deliver Us from Evil

Eric Bana stars as New York police officer Ralph Sarchie in <em>Deliver Us From Evil.</em>

WITH two nightmare-inducing films The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Sinister under writer/director Scott Derrickson’s belt, his third trip down horror lane came with much anticipation for fans of things that go bump in the night. more »

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Harmonica a hidden pleasure

Musician Jean-Guy Lemire (Fremantle). Photographer: Martin Kennealey

THE harmonica, or mouth organ, was one of the more widely used instruments in the early 20th century, the ease of using the simple instrument making it one of the more commonly owned. more »

Seasoned musos to hit the stage again

LOCALS would be forgiven for thinking the Midfield Legends was a name of a local football or soccer squad, not a local band with a heart-warming beginning. more »

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A shake-up for 50s rock'n'roll

Aric Yegudkin (centre) is touring to Perth with <em>Shake Rattle ‘n’ Roll</em>.

WHEN Adam Dion Bahoudian and Nina Randall wanted to rejuvenate their original 1994 show Shake Rattle ‘n’ Roll they went straight to ballroom dancer and choreographer Aric Yegudkin. more »

Theatre moved to tell stories of hope

<em>Be My Baby</em> director Peter Kirkwood at Harbour Theatre’s new venue, Camelot Theatre. Taken by Andrew Ritchie

HARBOUR Theatre’s relocation from Fremantle’s Port Cineaste Building to Camelot Theatre in Mosman Park earlier this year was like moving house five times over but completely worth the hard work according to Peter Kirkwood. more »

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Food, wine and good times

Clockwise from top: <I>My Kitchen Rules</I> contestants Chloe and Kelly; Miguel Maestre; Antonio Carluccio and Maggie Beer. Pictures: Andrew Ritchie www.communitypix.com.au   d422925

FOODIES descended on a culinary smorgasbord at the Good Food and Wine Show held on the weekend. more »

Carluccio to share the love


MINIMAL fuss with maximum flavour is the cooking philosophy of the “godfather” of Italian gastronomy, Antonio Carluccio. more »

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